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Marker Dance Party – Thank you!

August 7, 2009

Thanks to everyone for coming to the Marker Dance Party!  It was so great to see people from different groups come together and interact with the music, the drawing and the dancing. The vibe was pretty positive and we saw so many new faces and groups of people… The day after the event there were people gushing about Oakland.

Check out some great photographs of the evening right here in the RPS Photo gallery. There were a lot of people taking photographs so feel free to add them to this list if you have any in the comments below!

Here’s a further slideshow of the night including some set-up photographs…thanks to Lou, Ramona and DJ Razvan for working the hardest on this evening with the clean-up, setting up of paper, heavy speakers and the poster production.

Some favorite moments:

  • The spontaneous human pyramid.
  • The totally fabulous rocawear ponytail girl who wandered in  from the Vibe next door with her sister at the end of the night and gushed about how she loved artists and wish there were creative things like this in Napa. We told her, “There are! Just start a marker party night there!”
  • The band from Arizona that had just played at Mamabuzz coming in and  teaching people how to box.
  • Those long, long bamboo poles with markers attached (invented by Lou) that allowed people to draw way up high.
  • People who drew along to the dance videos projected on the wall.
  • All the new ideas passed around–and people wanting to do this again!

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