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S.F. Zinefest (August 22-23) – A quick chat with Francois

July 12, 2009

SF Zine Fest 2009

As you know, the totally kickass and wonderful San Francisco Zinefest 2009 is happening August 22-23. Do sign up and check out the workshops! There’s a gorgeous poster by Andy Hartzell, whose comic Fox Bunny Funny is so brilliant and deep that it brings tears to your eyes.

S.F. Zinefest is still accepting reservations for table space, and it’s free to simply attend the event.  They’re also still looking for workshop and panel speakers… there’s a discount if you teach a class! Get in touch as soon as possible.

We took some time to chat with Francois…

A photo of Francois from last year's zinefest. He needed binoculars to see the other side of the room! (taken by Carolee Gilligan Wheeler)

A photo of Francois from last year's zinefest. He needed binoculars to see the other side of the room! (taken by Carolee Gilligan Wheeler)

Describe your very favorite moment from last year’s zine fest

My favorite thing about the Fest is that it brings some of my favorite out-of-town comics pals into town for the weekend. Last year, my girlfriend Hannah and I hosted Jesse Reklaw, Vanessa Davis, and Trevor Alixopulos for the weekend, it was awesome! We have a pretty little apartment, and we had just gotten our new cat, who’s insane. He tried to kill Vanessa by knocking a potted plant onto her head! Yikes!

What are the biggest challenges this year?

Definitely the two biggest chalanges every year are is getting enough money pulled together, and getting enough volunteers to help us with running the show. But we definitely have more help this year than ever before, so that is wonderful. It would be really cool if we could get some folks to help out during the actual Fest, from manning the info table to helping our workshop instructors run their classes, there’s a lot to do!

Is anything particularly different this year with the Zinefest?

One little thing that I,m excited about is that this year our posters will be extra-fancy: Aaron Cohick of New Lights Press and  Hello! Lucky will be letterpress printing our Special Guest Andy Hartzell’s awesome zine love-in design! We will be selling them at the Fest and online to help raise money for the show; they are going to be really, really nice.

Tell us about the Nature Walk.

Ah yes, the Nature Walk! People are always like “What’s that got to do with zines?” I am a bit of a bird watcher, and since the Zine Fest takes place in Golden Gate Park, right next to the Arboretum, I was inspired to host a little informal nature walk. It meets before the Fest starts, about 9:00 am (there are more birds earlier in the morning, but I figure that it’s hard for people  to get up that early, including me!) My good friend (and far greater bird and nature expert) Jeanne Marie Acceturo leads it with me. I guess that I want to inspire people to spend some time looking at the natural world around them, and maybe keep a nature journal. I’ve got a zine I’m bringing out for the Fest that’s called Bird Brain, it’s all the notes and sketches I make about the birds and other animals I see, both when I’m out camping and also what I see in the city. It’s just another source of inspiration!

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  1. August 23, 2009 8:12 am

    OMG, Bird Brain is simply the best. I love my copy. SFZineFest rules!


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