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gaylord phoenix issue # 4 by edie fake

June 6, 2009

Some zines are strange, wordless affairs. I love Gaylord Phoenix because it tells a strange fairytale that goes beyond a fairytale and into the weird areas of our mind where structured thought fails us.

Beginning with a beautiful silkscreened cover. Sometimes as a publisher you want to go all out with a cover, but a little restraint is often in order.

gaylord phoenix

Where is his other? What is an other? Whoa!

gaylord phoenix

Wizards, trees and scandinavian (?) elf men!

gaylord phoenix

Uh oh, what’s going on here!?

gaylord phoenix

There’s a space between comics and books, a world of picture + words inhabited maybe only by Children’s books and more serious photography coffeetable books. I’d like to see more weird stuff like Gaylord Phoenix explore that space. Make it cozy for us!

gaylord phoenix

You can of course read this zine by visiting Rock Paper Scissors or contacting Edie Fake yourself.

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