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stop go destroy # 3 – Oakland!

May 31, 2009

I found this zine from a few year’s back – Clint’s stop go destroy # 3 – Oakland. And yes, you can stop by and read it here at the Rock Paper Scissors Zine Library.

There’s so much love in this little punk zine that details his life in Oakland–not just the maps or the places of notes but all the personal stories interwoven into each page. Sometimes I wish music magazines could go more free form like this, and I think that’s the case the past few years–people have been pushing out of boundaries and expressing themselves in their own spaces. 

I love that everything here is hand-drawn instead of photographed, and the section titles are lovingly scratched out in pen. When you’re drawing you’re forced to abstract & reduce and really look at things in a way that’s not as easy to do when blogging.


stop go destroy # 3 - oakland

What are the places that shape our lives, and how do we remember them? I think I can understand the concept of scrapbooking a little better now, although I think building memories shouldn’t involve spending hundreds of dollars on elaborate papercutting equipment. This black cat music ticket splashed across both pages is so on!

stop go destroy # 3 - oakland

And I love the BART ride into Oakland going south from Berkeley–all hand-drawn in a beautiful vista at the very bottom of the page. 

 stop go destroy # 3 - oakland

He ends with a map of Oakland, studded with points and a clever folded cover. Inside the flap are  explanations of each point on the map. The end result–something very human, very real, and definitely full of more memories than a folder of digital photographs.

stop go destroy # 3 - oakland

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